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Checklist for an Awesome B2B Website Design

Your website is your B2B business's most valuable salesperson. If your site is difficult to use or unresponsive, you're missing out on significant conversion and sales potential. Smarter design, clear value and unobstructed conversion paths are essential for website-driven growth.

Strategic design elements can turn your boring B2B website into your business's best salesperson. Learn how you can use your website design to create value for users and entice them to make a buying decision in fewer steps.

Want a Better B2B Website? In This Checklist, You'll Learn:

  • How to create strong value propositions and pass the proverbial 3-second "blink test"
  • Ways that white space and minimalism can reinforce your site content
  • How even simple things, like Call-to-Action buttons, can make or break your homepage
  • The importance of above-the-fold design decisions
  • Why mobile optimization is absolutely mandatory; 66% of time online is spent on mobile devices
B2B web design checklist

Download the Checklist, and Have Your Website Become A Lead Gen Machine