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Find Your Best CRM to Foster Good Relationships and Close Customers

See which CRM solution best aligns with your marketing and sales goals.

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What You'll Learn

  • What the free HubSpot CRM has to offer. 
  • A detailed breakdown of cost comparisons.
  • Insights on CRM functionality, like user experience, usability, and setup. 
  • An overview of how to integrate your current CRM with HubSpot. 
  • Tips for migrating your current CRM to the HubSpot CRM.

More About This Ebook

Your customer relationship management (CRM) system is the heart of your business. Your marketing, sales, and customer service teams use it to deliver an awesome customer experience. 

Read this ebook to learn more about how both Salesforce and the HubSpot CRM compare. Learn about every aspect of the CRM, including cost, customer support, training, email marketing, and analytics. When you select the right CRM, you’re well equipped to grow your business.

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