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Target Keywords That Deliver Qualified Visitors

Learn how to outrank your competitors to increase your traffic.

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What You'll Learn

  • Seven steps to help you identify and leverage the right keywords.
  • What to analyze to determine high-potential and low-competition keywords.
  • How to create a comprehensive keyword list aligned with your target audience.
  • Action items for essential tactics, like analyzing competitors and creating topic buckets.

More About This Tipsheet

Achieving SEO wins comes down to creating quality content that targets keywords and phrases that your ideal buyers are using in their search queries. You need to know how to find those keywords. 

With this tipsheet, you can follow seven simple steps that cover defining your audience and their needs, diversifying your keywords in topics, organizing them, and more. When you follow these action items, you’re bound to climb rankings for search queries that matter. This leads to quality traffic coming to your website.

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