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Empower New Hires to Hit Their Goals Fast

Educate employees fast in their first month to increase productivity. 

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What You'll Learn

  • Actionable steps for getting new hires ready before their first day. 
  • Best practices to make the most out of day one. 
  • The most important initiatives for the first month of onboarding. 
  • How to gather feedback and refine your onboarding process. 

More About This Checklist

Ramp up time refers to how long it takes a new hire to become productive in their new role. Without a documented onboarding process, companies lose a lot of potential productivity with new talent. 

This checklist breaks down everything you need to cover with your new hires, from getting them prepared before their first day to setting goals with them by the end of their first month. Use this tool to reduce ramp up time and empower employees to hit the ground running. 

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