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Free Templates

Turn Cold Dialing Into Dollars

Convert your potential leads into qualified sales opportunities.

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What You'll Learn

  • The four key elements of the sales prospecting call script boilerplate. 
  • The benefits of cold calling and warm calling.
  • How to develop a positive rapport with gatekeepers. 
  • Ways to ace your next voicemail to guarantee a call back. 
  • Tips for personalizing your greetings.

More About These Templates

Business development requires a lot of smiling and dialing, but if your cold calling isn’t keeping your sales team busy, there’s not much smiling going on. Your cold calls from your representatives are often the first impression you have on prospective customers. 

Use these sales script templates to nail your business development. Each script walks you through actionable cold calling tips, like personalizing opening lines, engaging with gatekeepers, and nailing the voicemail follow up. Put these to action, and start converting more prospects into qualified sales opportunities.

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