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Add Visuals to Create Engaging Content That Converts

Learn how to incorporate stock images in your content to delight your audience. 

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What You'll Learn

  • How visuals play an important role in your content marketing.
  • The best online resources for finding awesome stock images.
  • Tips for ensuring your images are properly licensed. 
  • Ways to modify visuals and ensure they align with your messaging. 
  • How to optimize images for search engines. 

More About This Tipsheet

Adding visuals is important for all your content assets. The most affordable and scalable method for incorporating visuals is using stock images. However, many brands are using them in a way that hurts their credibility and turns off their readers. 

This tipsheet provides 13 best practices to help you learn where to find the best stock images and how to use them to create an engaging experience for your audience. These tips cover all the bases, like making proper modifications, achieving SEO success, and aligning visuals with targeted messaging for your buyer personas. 

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