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Free Worksheet

Define Your Ideal Buyers to Increase Conversions

Learn more about your audience to deliver a more engaging customer experience. 

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What You'll Learn

  • The benefits of understanding your ideal buyers.
  • How to describe your brand's unique value within your industry. 
  • Ways to define your current customer experience.
  • Tips for auditing your customer data strategy. 
  • How to identify where your ideal buyers spend their time researching brands. 
  • A list of essential target market assets to share with your teams. 

More About This Worksheet

Your company is shooting in the dark if you haven't defined your ideal buyers. The best way to gather this information is through a target market analysis. 

Use this worksheet to develop a comprehensive picture of your perfect customer. Follow each step to gain a deeper understanding of how your business stands out in your industry, the behaviors of your target audience, your customer data strategy, and more. 

Download the Worksheet