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Generate and Nurture Quality Leads to Close More Deals

Create and deliver impactful content to engage your audience.

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What You'll Learn

  • The basics of marketing automation and how it helps you hit your goals. 
  • How to set proper goals for your lead generation and lead nurturing strategies. 
  • Details on how video can be used to convert more visitors and nurture them. 
  • Best practices for aligning lead generation tactics with the buyer’s journey. 
  • How you can use video to qualify your existing leads.

More About This Ebook

Video and marketing automation tactics impact your ability to generate leads in a big way. Bringing them together is essential for hitting your marketing and sales goals. 

With this ebook, you get a comprehensive overview of how both marketing automation and video content directly influence your marketing and lead nurturing efforts. Learn best practices for generating, qualifying, and nurturing leads with video.

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