Hello there friend! 👋

We are so excited that you’re interested in writing a guest blog for Bluleadz! We’ve worked with many awesome guest contributors and are delighted about this new opportunity with you.

But before we decide to work together, we need to make sure we are a good fit. For every piece of content we publish on our blog, our content team works hard to stick to our vow to our readers.


The Bluleadz Blog Promise

We promise to be the best, most trustworthy resource for educating our readers and guiding them to develop a fully inbound organization.

Digital marketers. CEOs and VPs. Content creators. Business owners.

Our readers are diverse, and they come to Bluleadz with their own unique set of challenges and goals. They’re reading our blog because we offer insightful, actionable, substantive content.

In order for us to earn and maintain their trust, we are highly selective of the content we publish and the contributors we decide to work with.

We are so happy to hear that you want to contribute! But first, we need to cover a few things:


We know how busy everyone can be. So here’s a quick overview to see if you are a good fit for the Bluleadz blog.

  • We are only accepting sponsored guest articles (and a select number of unpaid contributions). 

  • Your article will reach big audiences, including 3,700+ subscribers and 150,000+ views per month.

  • Our audience wants to know about all things inbound – marketing, sales, service, and everything in between.

  • As a contributor, you need to showcase your expertise and provide a 100 to 300 character bio that establishes your credibility.

  • Your blog post idea needs to take a new angle we haven’t covered yet and fit our requirements defined below.

Why You Want to Write For Bluleadz

There are many advantages to contributing an article to the Bluleadz blog. Not only will you join the Bluleadz blog fam, but you will also see tangible, real results for your business.

These benefits include the following:

Improve Your Ranking Potential

We have a U.S. Alexa rank of 41,716, a 87,973 global rank, and a consistent, rapid growth rate since January 2018.

Additionally, we have over 250 keywords ranking in the top three for their focus keyword and over 400 keywords ranking in the top 10. In other words, a backlink from Bluleadz is extremely valuable. This can potentially boost your SEO efforts.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

The bio you provide can include a link to your own website. That means our awesome readers can follow your link and check out your cool website!

Further Establish Your Credibility

Your sponsored contributed article earns the same placement and promotions as our team’s articles. This adds to your authority within the industry.

Broaden Your Reach

Your content has the potential to reach thousands of readers. Here’s a snapshot of our reach:

  • Over 3,700 blog subscribers

  • 150,000+ unique monthly sessions

  • 11,000+ social media followers 

The Bluleadz Audience

As mentioned above, we have a diverse group of readers. They vary in job title and levels of knowledge, so we cover a wide spectrum of topics, from high level content tailored to senior leadership to moderate level content for newer marketers and inbound enthusiasts.

They’re eager to learn more about several general topics, such as:

  • The inbound methodology
  • Digital marketing
  • Content creation
  • Branding
  • Lead generation
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Social media management
  • Workplace productivity
  • Company culture
  • Graphic design
  • Web development
  • Business strategy
  • Leadership

The Ideal Contributor

You’re a great fit if you’re an established expert in the aforementioned topics. You should have a body of published work proving that you can create high value content in your realm of expertise.  

If you're not currently with an established company, we will ask for samples of your published works before moving forward with the process.  

You also need to deliver a unique new angle on a specific topic while showcasing your strong writing skills. This makes you stand out from the crowd. If you impress our content team, you will definitely make a big impact on our readers.

The Ideal Sponsored Article

Here’s a quick rundown of our must-haves we look for in each contributed article:


Your article needs to be at least 800 words.

Titles should be under 70 characters, and meta descriptions can’t exceed 160 characters.


We have our own style guide, which mostly adheres to the AP Stylebook. Upon approval, our content team has the right to edit your content to fit our blog style guide.

They also will add images and visuals and ensure full optimization of the content. You can provide your own screenshots or images with proper sources that you want to include in your post. 


Articles are most readable when they’re well organized. Break up blocks of text so the reader can easily comprehend the content. Bulleted lists are especially helpful in breaking up text-heavy articles.

Also, format sections with engaging subheadings that lead the reader into each section. This helps the piece flow well.

Bio and Headshot

Provide a concise biography between 100 and 300 characters to describe yourself and your expertise. Include links to your website and relevant social media profiles.

Also, you need to include a high-resolution headshot of the author in a .jpeg or PNG file. 

Rights of Use

When you submit your content, you’re granting Bluleadz unlimited rights of use, which may include several channels (web, email, social, etc.). Our team also reserves the right to edit for style, clarity, and tone.

Your content must be exclusive to our website. In other words, don’t republish and submit your Bluleadz blog article to other resources.

The Contributor Process

Alright, now let’s cover how you can submit your blog post ideas. Follow this simple process.

  1. Connect with the Bluleadz content manager, Jeff Previte, on LinkedIn.
  2. When you send a connection request, copy and paste this message: “I would like to submit a sponsored guest post.” Then, provide a brief summary of your blog post.
  3. Jeff will accept your LinkedIn request and ask you to send a Google Doc link for your blog post. NOTE: We only accept Google Doc links. You will be sent the sponsorship fee information if your idea is approved.
  4. If your post is rejected, we wish you the best of luck. Please review the reasons for rejection section. If your post is approved, you will be sent an invoice.
After you submit payment for your invoice, your post will be scheduled for publication on our site. 

Reasons for Rejection

Please review these rejection reasons before sending your guest post submission. This way, we can spare any heartache.

Here are the reasons our content team might reject your submission:

  • Your article adds nothing new to the conversation. In other words, it’s unoriginal, either regurgitating content we already have on our blog or it plagiarizes other content.

  • Your article doesn’t meet the length requirements.

  • Your writing doesn’t cut it. To put it simply, your content is full of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. If your article needs heavy editing, it will be automatically rejected.

  • Your content is way too promotional. Remember, we’re inbound here. Our readers don’t want a sales pitch from you; they want to learn something new.

  • Your article doesn’t provide enough detail, or it delivers misleading or false information.

  • Your content is way too simple. For example, our readers know what SEO is, so don’t write an article on why SEO is important.

  • Your content is too complex. Some of our readers are very advanced, but we don’t want to get them lost in the weeds.

We made it through! Great job! 

Now if you agree to all the terms mentioned above and if you think your content is awesome enough for our Bluleadz audience, send your content ideas our way!

Please connect with our content manager through LinkedIn. Let's get started!