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The Bluleadz Audience

For 10+ years, Bluleadz has delivered helpful content to educate and inspire a passionate audience of executive leaders, HubSpot users, and professionals at all levels within marketing, sales, and customer service. 

Each of our readers vary in job title and levels of knowledge, so we cover a wide spectrum of topics, including advanced content tailored to senior leadership and introductory content for newer marketers and inbound enthusiasts.

Our readers want to learn more about several general topics, such as:

  • The inbound methodology
  • Digital marketing
  • Content creation
  • Branding
  • Lead generation
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Social media management
  • Workplace productivity
  • Company culture
  • Graphic design
  • Web development
  • Business strategy
  • Leadership
  • HubSpot insights

If you’re an expert in these fields, they want to hear from you! Creating sponsored content with Bluleadz will be a great fit for both your brand and our audience alike.

Benefits of Creating Sponsored Content for Bluleadz

Improve Your Ranking Potential.

As of July 2020, Bluleadz.com has a U.S. Alex rank of 17,896 and a global rank of 30,580, and traffic has grown consistently over the course of the last few years. 

Additionally, we have over 250 keywords ranking in the top three for their focus keyword and over 400 keywords ranking in the top 10.

Simply put, a backlink from Bluleadz is extremely valuable. This can potentially boost your SEO efforts.

Drive Traffic to Your Website.

Your backlink gives our awesome readers the opportunity to click through and visit your website. 

For sponsored guest posts, you get a backlink in the body of the post as well as in your biography. If you’re creating a sponsored link, that dofollow link will be added to the blog post. 

Further Establish Your Credibility.

Your sponsored contributed article earns the same placement and promotions as our team’s articles. That includes our daily blog newsletter, which reaches over 10,000 blog subscribers. 

This adds to your authority within the industry and demonstrates your expertise to a big audience of readers who may want to learn more about your products or services. 

Broaden Your Reach.

Your content has the potential to reach thousands of readers. Here’s a snapshot of our reach:


10,000+ Blog Subscribers


Avg. 250,000 Monthly Blog Views


200,000+ Monthly Blog Sessions


11,000+ Social Media Followers

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Sponsored Content Options

Select from the two sponsored content service options we have available for brands that our team believes in.

Sponsored Guest Post
Sponsored Link Placement

Sponsored Guest Post

Price: Starting at $750

This is the perfect opportunity for you to expand your brand awareness and build a bigger audience around your brand. It also helps establish your credibility and authority within your industry. 

You must submit a complete final draft of your blog post that adheres to our guidelines. Please review the terms and the guidelines below:


Your article needs to be at least 800 words.

Titles should be under 70 characters, and meta descriptions can’t exceed 160 characters.


We have our own style guide, which mostly adheres to the AP Stylebook. Upon approval, our content team has the right to edit your content to fit our blog style guide.

They also will add images and visuals and ensure full optimization of the content. You can provide your own screenshots or images with proper sources that you want to include in your post. 


Articles are most readable when they’re well organized. Break up blocks of text so the reader can easily comprehend the content. Bulleted lists are especially helpful in breaking up text-heavy articles.

Also, format sections with engaging subheadings that lead the reader into each section. This helps the piece flow well.

Your post MUST be submitted as a Google Doc. 

Bio and Headshot

Provide a concise biography between 100 and 300 characters to describe yourself and your expertise. Include links to your website and relevant social media profiles.

Also, you need to include a high-resolution headshot of the author in a .jpeg or PNG file. 

Rights of Use

When you submit your content, you’re granting Bluleadz unlimited rights of use, which may include several channels (web, email, social, etc.). Our team also reserves the right to edit for style, clarity, and tone.

Your content must be exclusive to our website. In other words, don’t republish and submit your Bluleadz blog article to other resources.

Reasons for Rejecting Your Guest Blog Post

Here are the reasons our content team might reject your submission:

  • Your article adds nothing new to the conversation. In other words, it’s unoriginal, either regurgitating content we already have on our blog or it plagiarizes other content.
  • Your article doesn’t meet the length requirements.
  • Your writing doesn’t cut it. To put it simply, your content is full of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. If your article needs heavy editing, it will be automatically rejected.
  • Your content is way too promotional. Remember, we’re inbound here. Our readers don’t want a sales pitch from you; they want to learn something new.
  • Your article doesn’t provide enough detail, or it delivers misleading or false information.
  • Your content is way too simple. For example, our readers know what SEO is, so don’t write an article on why SEO is important.

Note: The price of your sponsored content may increase if our content team needs to make more than two rounds of significant revisions.

Sponsored Link Placement

Price: Starting at $500

This is a great way to earn placement in a listicle. For example, if you have an SEO tool, submit a request for our content team to review your tool, write a description, and add it to an existing blog post that lists SEO tools. 

Your sponsored placement adds your brand to the list. Most of our listicles include descriptions, images of associated brand elements (e.g., a screenshot of your software), and a backlink to your website. 

Please note: Our team evaluates your brand and the product or service you’re submitting before approving your placement. We want to ensure that we can recommend it to our audience.

We also offer premium sponsored link placements where your brand is listed in the top third of a listicle post. This involves additional sponsorship charges on top of the starting rate.

Now that you understand your sponsorship opportunities, you can reach out to our content team. Fill out the form below, and let’s get started with your sponsored content!
Due to a high volume of submissions, you can expect a response within two weeks.

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